Kebabs are different cooked meat dishes, with their starting points in Middle Eastern food. Numerous variations are well known all through Asia, and around the globe. 

In most English-talking nations, a kebab is normally the globally known shish kebab or shashlik,though outside of North America a kebab might be the pervasive drive-thru food doner kebab or its variants.In differentiate, in Indian English and in the dialects of the Middle East, different parts of Asia, and the Muslim world, a kebab is any of a wide assortment of flame broiled meat dishes. A few dishes at last got from Middle Eastern kebab may have distinctive names in their neighborhood dialects, for example, the Chinese chuanr. 

In spite of the fact that kebabs are regularly cooked on a stick, numerous sorts of kebab are not.Kebab dishes can comprise of cut up or ground meat or fish, some of the time with products of the soil; cooked on a stick over a fire, or like a burger on a flame broil, heated in a skillet in a stove, or as a stew; and presented with different backups as indicated by every formula. The customary meat for kebabs is frequently sheep or sheep, yet provincial formulas may incorporate hamburger, goat, chicken, fish, or all the more once in a while because of religious restrictions, pork.

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