Mecca Masjid

Ghansi Bazaar , Hyderabad


The notable Mecca Masjid is found adjoining Charminar in a south-west bearing. The development of this mosque began in the year 1614 by Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah and was Aurangzeb finished in 1693. Worked with nearby stone, it discovers put among biggest mosques in India and is the most critical and biggest one in the city. The curved exhibition shows the tombs of all the Nizam's from the year 1803. 

The mosque has a length of 225 feet and is 180 feet wide with a tallness of 75 feet. The name is gotten from the Grand Mosque in Mecca on which it is demonstrated. The lobby has a component of 67 meters x 54 meters x 23 meters. The rooftop is refreshed on 15 curves. 

There is a high blocking divider on the western side for Mehrab. It has two enormous octagonal sections, which are made from a solitary bit of stone. This is inturn beaten by a curved display delegated by a vault. This mosque can suit 10,000 admirers whenever. It is found two hundred yards from Charminar. The mosque was accepted to have utilized blocks amid its development where brought from Mecca. A room in the yard is accepted to house a sacrosanct relic of the prophet. As per history, Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah welcomed the whole passionate religious older folks in the city to establish the framework stone however as nobody had approached, Sultan Muhammad himself volunteered to establish framework and it is said that he never missed his midnight supplication in life directly from the age of 12. Guests coming to Charminar additionally visit the blessed mosque, which loans a celestial emanation to the Muslim admirers in the old city of Hyderabad. 

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History  :

Makkah Masjid was worked in the midst of the standard of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth Qutb Shahi Sultan of Golconda (presently Hyderabad). The three calculated facade have been cut from a single piece of stone, which took five years to quarry. More than 8,000 experts were used to develop the mosque. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah before long settled the structure stone and created it. 

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, the French voyager, in his travelog observed 

"It is around quite a while since they began to create a dazzling pagoda in the town which will be the most incredible in all India when it is done. The degree of the stone is the subject of one of a kind accomplishment, and that of a claim to fame, which is its place for appeal, is an entire shake of such enormous size that they experienced five years in quarrying it, and 500 to 600 men were used endlessly on its work. It required still greater chance to move it up on to transport by which they passed on it to the pagoda; and they took 1400 bulls to draw it." 

Makkah Masjid timings :  4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M

Makkah Masjid Entry Fee  : No Entry Fee (Free)

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Mecca Masjid Timings

Days Timings
Monday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Tuesday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Wednesday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Thursday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Friday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Saturday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M
Sunday 4:00 A.M – 9:30 P.M


Mecca Masjid Entry Ticket Price

No Entry Fee ( Free )

Mecca Masjid Contact Numbers

040 - 6674 5986

Mecca Masjid Address

Near Charminar, Ghansi Bazaar, 
Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

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