Zion Fellowship Church

Kukatpally , Hyderabad


History :

Zion Ministries started at Penumaka a little town in Guntur District in the year 1993. God favored this service and increased it into 23 Churches in 5 states. Through these Churches numerous individuals filling in as full-time Servants, Missionaries and Tent Makers in different nations and all parts of India. 

Our Beliefs :

THE SCRIPTURES. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by motivation of God and are the main adequate, certain, and legitimate principles of all sparing learning, confidence, and obedience. GOD. There is nevertheless one God, the Maker, Preserver, and Ruler of all things, having all by Himself all excellencies, and being endless in them all; and to Him all animals owe the most elevated love, adoration, and submission. 


God is uncovered to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each with particular individual characteristics, yet without division of nature, embodiment, or being. 


God, from forever, announcements or allows everything that happen and interminably maintains, coordinates, and administers all animals and all occasions; yet not at all as to be the creator or approver of wrongdoing, nor to annihilate the unrestrained choice and obligation of wise animals.

 The decision is God's endless decision of a few people into everlasting life – not in light of predicted justify in them, but rather of His minor leniency in Christ – in the outcome of which decision they are called, defended, and celebrated. 

 God initially made man in His own picture and free from wrongdoing; yet, through the enticement of Satan, man transgressed the order of God and tumbled from his unique sacredness and honesty; whereby his descendants [i.e. descendants] acquire a nature, degenerate and entirely restricted to God and His law, are under judgment, and when they are fit for good activity, wind up real transgressors. 


Jesus Christ, the main conceived Son of God, is the supernaturally selected arbiter among God and man. Having taken upon Himself human instinct, yet without wrongdoing, He consummately satisfied the law, endured, and kicked the bucket upon the cross for the salvation of delinquents. He was covered, climbed again on the third day, and rose to His Father, at whose correct hand He lives perpetually to make mediation for His kin. He is the main Mediator; the Prophet, Priest, and King of the congregation; and Sovereign of the Universe. 


Recovery is a difference in heart fashioned by the Holy Spirit, who makes alive the individuals who are dead in trespasses and sins, edifying their psyches profoundly and savingly to comprehend the Word of God and recharging their entire nature, so they adore and practice sacredness. It is a work of God's free and extraordinary elegance alone. 


Sparing confidence is the conviction, on God's position, if at all, is uncovered in His Word concerning Christ; tolerating and settling upon only him for legitimization and unceasing life. It is created in the heart by the Holy Spirit, is joined by all other redeeming quality, and prompts a real existence of heavenliness. 


 A vocation is God's charitable and full absolution of miscreants who have faith in Christ from all wrongdoing, through the fulfillment that Christ has made. It is given not for anything created in them or done by them; be that as it may, by virtue of the dutifulness and fulfillment of Christ, they get and lay on Him and His honesty by confidence. 


The individuals who have been recovered are likewise purified by God's Word and Spirit abiding in them. This blessing is dynamic through the supply of Divine quality, which all holy people try to get, squeezing after a wonderful life in heartfelt [i.e., willing] compliance to every one of Christ's directions.


The groups of men after death come back to clean, however, their spirits return promptly to God – the honorable to rest with Him; the evil, to be saved under haziness to judgment. At the most recent day, the collections of all the dead, both just and unfair, will be raised.


God has named multi day wherein He will pass judgment on the world by Jesus Christ, when each one will get as per his deeds: the mischief will go into everlasting discipline; the equitable, into everlasting life.

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Zion Fellowship Church Timings

Days Timings
Monday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Tuesday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Wednesday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Thursday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Friday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Saturday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M
Sunday 9:30 A.M - 6:30 P.M


Zion Fellowship Church Address

3-3-88/1, 2nd Floor, 
Opposite Kiran car care, 
Bagh Ameer, Kukatpally, 
Hyderabad, Telangana 500072


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